Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd.
サプライヤー取引保証の制限:US $368,000
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画像 認証名 認定者 ビジネススコープ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
business license business license Business Administration Baiyun district,guangzhou city Full set of swimming pool equipment and accessories,spa products,water fountain,sauna and steam equipment etc. 2005-07-08 ~ 2088-07-08 検証済み
画像 認証名 認定者 ビジネススコープ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
CE CE Other 2016-01-08 ~ 2049-12-31 検証済み
CE CE Other 2016-01-08 ~ 2049-12-31 検証済み
CE CE Other 2016-01-15 ~ 2049-12-31 検証済み
CE CE Other 2016-01-15 ~ 2049-12-31 検証済み
SGS SGS SGS On side audited for the general information, capacity of foreign trade, product research&development, production&quolity control 2012-02-01 ~ 2013-01-31
TRADE MARK REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE TRADE MARK REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of China Business Operation Field 2007-04-14 ~ 2017-04-13
CE CE CEST External Controlled Sauna Heater 2011-09-15 ~ 2011-09-15
CE CE CEST Sauna heater 2004-09-07 ~ 2014-09-07
CE CE CEST Suana heaters 2004-11-12 ~ 2014-11-12
BUSINESS  LICENSE BUSINESS LICENSE Ministry of Industry and Trade of China Business check 2005-07-08 ~ 2025-07-08
画像 商標番号 商標名 商標カテゴリ 有効日---失効日 検証済み
water faery 8506972 water faery Construction & Real Estate>>Stone>>Stone Carvings and Sculptures>>Stone Garden Products 2011-08-07 ~ 2021-08-06 検証済み


There is/are Less than 5 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.